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The Samsung Galaxy S2 is an Android smartphone, and is currently the thinnest one in the world at 8.5mm. Five months after its launch, Samsung has declared over 10 million devices sold worldwide, owing to its positive reception.

Samsung Galaxy S2-Features

It sports an impressive 4.27 inch AMOLED plus display which performs excellently under bright light, although the colours tend to be a bit oversaturated. Its weight is just a little over 100 grams, which makes it both slim and light; some potential buyers might be deterred by the slim plastic cover that protects the back of the smartphone, but the tradeoff seems well worth it, nevertheless.

Samsung Galaxy S2 OS

Regarding its software, the Samsung Galaxy S2 comes shipped with the Gingerbread version of Android, along with a broad selection of apps. Unfortunately, this is where the device shines the least; the interface can seem cluttered, especially to users new to the Android OS, and will take some time getting used to and organising. There will also be quite a few updates waiting to be applies right out of the box, but on the bright side, this can be done directly through a Wi-Fi connection, without the need of a galaxy s2

The phone is also connected to Google and can support multiple accounts; it even requires an account before allowing you to use certain features. It comes with dedicated apps, such as Google Maps and Gmail, with the latter being potentially irksome since there is also a separate e-mail app for other accounts. However, this is so that you can benefit from all the features instead of just the common ones.

The battery life naturally depends on how intensely you use it, as even the Li-ion 1650 mAh battery that the Galaxy S2 comes equipped with can be depleted in 10 hours of watching videos, listening to music and playing games. As a rule of thumb, the phone will last a whole day with moderate use, so it will need to be charged on a nightly basis. A nice little feature is the automated battery saving mode which can be set to activate itself at any desired energy level. Tapping the top of the screen reveals a quick notification menu along with the possibility of turning off power hungry options like Bluetooth or GPS.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 maintains its fast dual-core processing speed even with multiple apps running simultaneously; scrolling, zooming and navigating will stay as smooth as ever, without any hiccups. Its 8MP camera with 1080p recording capabilities produces crystal clear images, and with its 16/32GB (with the option of adding up to 32GB more), there should be plenty of storage space.

To conclude, the device itself is a marvel of modern technology which has received positive reviews all around, barring its very few “not-so-good” aspects. It comes with all the joys of an Android device (Adobe Flash comes to mind) and the Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the best smartphones currently available.

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